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Jim and Robin getting the job done.


Sony PDW 700 XD HD Cam
Fujinon 17x7.6 Lens with wide angle 6.2
Sony PMW 200 HD Cam
Cannon 5D Mark III Cam
GoPro 2 HD Cam
Sachtler tripod with video 18 head
Satchler DV6 Head
Cartoni 4ft. Jib
Sony and Marshall Field Monitors


5 Lectrosonic wireless systems
6 Sennheiser wireless systems
2 Boom Poles with Sennheiser ME 66 shotgun mics
Sound Design 301 Three-channel mixer
8 Tram mics
Coles Lip mic
Electro-Voice hand-held mic
Sennheiser MD 46 and ME66 hand-held mics
2 IFB kits with accessories and 4 Motorola 2-way radios
Portable speaker phone


K 5600 400 watt Joker HMI with lenses and chimera
K 5600 200 watt Joker HMI with lenses and chimera
Kobold 200 watt HMI with soft box mount
Kino-Flo 400 watt DIVA light
Kino-Flo 200 watt DIVA light
2 Source Four 750 watt lights
2 Lowell 650 watt lights
3 Lowell 250 watt lights
Mini Frezzi fill light, LED light
3 C-Stand kits, 4x4 and 6x6 silks
Color gels, diffusion kits, and reflectors


2 Avid Media Composer 5.5 Systems
After Effects, Boris FX, Adobe Photoshop

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